Artwork by Joan Lyon
Enjoy the garden"Wild Land""Hummingbird in the Garden""Hummingbird and Indian Paintbrush""Florida Panther Mother and Cub""Sandhill Crane Hen and Chick""Squirrel Monkey and Baby"
" Panther Mother and Cub""Mother Giraffe and Baby""Leopard Mother and Cub""Rhino Mother and 
calf""Key Deer and Fawn""Grizzly Mother and Cub"

"Elephant Mother and Calf" 
"Lechwe Red Antelope and Calf""

"A Delicate Balance""Refuge""Emergence""Tangled""Stepping Stones Three""Waking in Eden""Eye To Eye"swamp"Crane Family""Snowy Plover and Chick""Hummingbird and Trumpet Vine""Colobus Monkey In Forest Canopy""Wetlands With Egret"Storm Coming""Reflections, Spoonbills""Anhingas Sunning"" Plover Chick" small.jpg"Snowy Plovers""Silhouettes""Herons, Stormy Day""Camouflaged Deer""Cardinal Flowers and Humminbirds""Spoonbill Family""Redbug Slough"Redbug Slough, Sunset""Redbug Slough, Dusk""Reflection,Little Blue""White Ibises Climbing""Pond""Reef""Blue Bayou""Pink Yogi""Incognito"" Reach" - small.jpgstepping stones small.jpg"Don't Go Betty Jo""On the Go""Another Stepping Stones""Ancient Wall 2""Ancient Wall""Mayan Ritual"
My figures are symbolic images which are derived from personal experience, imagination and dreams. The textured, rough and imperfect surfaces of my mixed-media monotypes metaphorically reveal the fragility of the earth and all the life on it.

These works of art express my belief that only when we live in a harmonious relationship with all living creatures can we truly fulfill our potential as human beings.